About Us

About Carnova & its vision

About us

Carnova is an information technology company.

It's specialized chain in car wash with the latest way of dry cleaning with low cost and best service.

we started in July 2017 to serve many regions then the idea had a huge success .So, now we have many branches inside Egypt and now we are working on spreading through the Arabian countries.

we have a great staff who can serve our customers professionally

Company Goal

The company is seeking to serve the society by saving the water and not to lose more in car washing . So, we used the latest way of dry car washing with chemical materials which can save the car and it was very useful, Moreover the company works on the staff with a professional training which train them how to use it and how to serve our clients in the best way with lower cost.

Dry car washing by using safe materials that was approved internationally , "waterless" is the safe way for customers to save time and effort , with monthly subscription.

spreading and generalization dry washing in Egypt and the Middle East.

stop wasting water in car washing.

spreading the culture of car saving from corrosion of paints and harms that may effect the mechanical power of the car and electric power also according to pumping the water into places which can not be reached.

exporting very well trained workers who can serve customers professionally.

Company vision

Spreading the dry cleaning culture which is friendly to the environment and which has advantages that can save the environment ,water and cars.